Personal therapy

Personal Therapy:

Deciding to undertake counselling is not an easy thing to do, and I view it as a huge privilege to be invited into my clients’ lives at a point where they are perhaps struggling and feeling vulnerable. I consider myself to be a ‘safe pair of hands’ and my clients would confirm this.

I am an integrative therapist, trained in all of the major approaches of psychological therapy. I am, therefore, able to tailor my work to the specific requirements of my clients in order for them to gain optimum results from our work together.

I aim to create a warm, supportive and professional relationship with my clients and offer a free 10-15 minute consultation with any clients who are interested in working with me. I strongly believe that if clients do not feel comfortable with me, they will not be able to share what they need to share in order to be deeply happier in life.

Whilst potential clients would not contact me if they were happy in the world and, if you elect to work with me, many of our conversations will be about ‘bruisey’ and troublesome matters there is likely to be a lot of laughter in conversations. It is important that you enjoy being with me and that you see positive changes in your life from our work together.

I am registered with all of the major health insurance providers for private Health Insurance work.

My standard fee is £95 per session, but I offer a sliding scale of fees dependent on circumstance.

If you are interested in further details please send an enquiry below.

If you are interested in further details please click here to send an enquiry.